WATCH: Dad’s teachable moment video illustrates why racism is learnt

This dad wanted to see if his son noticed the color of people’s skin.

A video recorded by a dad named Don Creech was shared on the Oprah Instagram page with his caption saying, “Racism isn’t born, it’s taught. We can make a difference by raising our children the right way. A way in which they understand equality and can love everyone equally. It starts with us.” –@yourfavoritedon

The video, has highlighted in practical terms how kids don’t see color. In the video, Creech shows his son four images of black and white children interacting in different ways. He then asks the child if he notices anything other than what they are doing eg ”hugging” to which the child says no.

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The video had the followers of the page vilsama responding in awe saying, “So sweet! Racism is learned! We are all the same…same wants and desires for a good life!

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