Our guide to beating cabin fever for you and your kids

Its been weeks spent indoors, here’s what to do if your kids are experiencing cabin fever.

Parents are tired. Kids are tired. Cabin fever is reaching an all time high as families struggle to consistently spend quality time together. Even though most of us understand that it’s for the country’s good that we stay indoors, here’s our guide to beating cabin fever.

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Here’s how you can combat cabin fever:

Take a drive

As parents and also our kids, we miss seeing the world. These are the new things we are learning as a result of dealing with a brand new situation of having to stay indoors indefinitely. Take your kids for a drive around your neighborhood so they can see the world again for a few minutes.

Take a walk

The upside of now being on a level 4 lockdown is that people are allowed t walk in their neighborhood, at designated times of course. Take advantage of this and take a walk in the street with your kids during these periods. The fresh air will be great for them.

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Take them to the movies – at home

Movies, remember that place we used to go to. Kids, more than anyone perhaps, are missing going to check out a new movie at the cinema. Create a new tradition by creating a ‘going’ to the movies on Fridays and make popcorn,  that they can have with sweets, cooldrink etc just like they would have it at the movies. Then rent a movie etc and simulate the experience at home.

Make home interesting

On weekends create a step-change in their routine by having different challenges for them to do like who can do certain things like folding washing ( Yes! these games can also benefit you as the parent), faster and then time them.  Or create a scavenge hunt where you draw certain items that you’ve hidden in house and time how long they take to find them. The winner can then get a prize (for example the winner can get to choose what the family orders from Ubereats that night).


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