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Promotor gunning for Sjava

Concert promotor says he wants his money back from Sjava after he was a no-show

Concert promotor says he wants his money back from Sjava after he was a no-show

The Moretele Park Tribute concert’s organiser says he wants his money back.

The Moretele Park Tribute Concert’s organiser, Sam Mhangwani, has announced he wants his money back from Sjava, who was a no-show at the concert.

According to a report in the Daily Sun, Mhangwani says he may take legal action against Sjava, along with Amanda Black and Sun El Musician, who were all booked to play the show. He says Sjava didn’t show up while Amanda and Sun El did but demanded to play at their own time because they had been double-booked.

Mhangwani says that he paid R200 000 up front to secure the three headline acts and since they never performed he wants the payment returned.

“I will be left with no choice but to take the legal route if they don’t pay back the money,” he told the Daily Sun.

Sun El’s management says the artist has offered to play another gig in order to repay the money, while Amanda Black has been unreachable for comment.

Sjava for his part told the Daily Sun that his focus is on music, not bookings.

“I don’t care about who says what about me. I only focus on my music. I don’t book gigs,” he said.

Fans were left angry and disappointed when none of the three acts, who had been advertised as headlining the event in Mamelodi, failed to appear on stage. When a jazz band was announced as the concert’s final act, the crowd erupted in a chorus of boos.







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