Jim Freeman
3 minute read
22 Mar 2020
10:08 am

Simple summer pleasures: Charcuterie and wine pairings

Jim Freeman

Situated in the 'golden triangle', Peter Falke offers hungry visitors cheese and charcuterie platters to share.

Picture: iStock

With temperatures regularly hitting the high 30s and low 40s in the Boland in the past month, few visitors to the winelands and their stylish restaurants have been in the mood for hot and hearty dishes. No matter, many restaurants offer lip-smacking charcuterie platters that perfectly accompany their alcohol offerings … ideal for the middle of a hot day with beer, wine or bubbly. Also what better way to go into a balmy night than with a cheese platter partnered with an exquisite brandy? Vegans and vegetarians look away! (You can still do drinkypoos, though.) Klein Joostenberg Deli / Stellenbosch...