Jim Freeman
5 minute read
12 Jan 2020
10:10 am

Road-tripping for real in the Eastern Cape

Jim Freeman

Big Five reserves in the Eastern Cape that welcome motorcyclists include Kariega, Sibuya and Amakhala, to name a few.

Pig and Whistle (Bathurst)

My friend Gill used to mock me when I did something she felt was incomprehensible: “You’re such a boy!” she’d scoff. I know this thought went through her head whenever I planned a motorcycle roadtrip – Gill wouldn’t have been Gill if it hadn’t, for she loathed the potential lethality of things two-wheeled – but it was the one time she’d bite her tongue. Like the friend she was, Gill understood bikes weren’t just fun for me, they were important. As a kid, I was addicted to the western novels and one Spanish phrase that rumbled my gut back then...