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We are thrilled to provide The Citizen and Saturday Citizen subscribers with a range of added benefits in the form of discounts and special offers in conjunction with our Rewards Partners.

Scroll through the sliding menus on this page to view the rewards that we have waiting for you, as well as our regular subscriber giveaways.

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E-mail or call 087 288 5842 (please ask for The Citizen Rewards).


The frequently asked questions (FAQ) section answers some of the most commonly asked questions for The Citizen Rewards.

  How can I become a member of The Citizen Rewards?

All subscribers to The Citizen and Saturday Citizen automatically become members of The Citizen Rewards and receive a complimentary Rewards card that entitles them to a number of rewards and benefits.

To subscribe: Johannesburg: 0860 32 62 62 | SMS "Subscribe" to 32213 or email:

  What are the costs involved?

The Citizen Rewards is free and exclusive to The Citizen and Saturday Citizen subscribers.

  Do I need to be a subscriber to be a member of The Citizen Rewards?

Yes, as this is a benefit available to The Citizen and Saturday subscribers only.

  Must my card be activated?

No, you can use your card immediately.

  How many The Citizen Rewards cards am I entitled to?

Each subscriber is entitled to one Rewards card.

  How do I replace my card if it is lost or stolen?

Lost cards may only be replaced upon receiving a written affidavit stamped by a police station. A replacement fee of R100 for a lost card will apply.

  Do I need to present my card to claim a reward?

Yes, to claim a reward you will need to present a valid card.

  How long is the card valid for?

Please check the expiry date on your Rewards card.

  Is there a limit to the number of times I can use a specific reward?

Please check the terms and conditions that are applicable to specific rewards.

  Can I transfer rewards?

No, rewards are not transferable.

  I didn?t receive my card, who must I contact?

Please contact or call 010?492 5281 (please ask for The Citizen Rewards).

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