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Wallaby star unleashes storm over same-sex marriage

Israel Folau. Photo: Paul Kane/Getty Images.

Israel Folau. Photo: Paul Kane/Getty Images.

Israel Folau goes against his employers, the Australian Rugby Union, in denouncing the country’s drive towards legalising same-sex marriage.

Wallabies star Israel Folau has unleashed a storm over equal rights following a controversial tweet.

The 28-year-old on Wednesday, who is a devout Christian, wrote that he doesn’t support same-sex marriages.

He did add though that respects people of all walks of life.

Fellow tweeters respected his opinion but many were visibly disgusted.

Folau could also be in trouble with the Australian Rugby Union, his employer, who has publicly supported the bill.

His remarks come at the height of Australia’s postal vote on the issue.

The country’s ruling coalition government has tried to pass a same-sex bill in parliament but has been shot down twice.

While the informal postal vote – yes, people physically just have to write yes or no and place their ballot in a post box – is non-binding, the government hopes the will of the people prompts a change of heart.

David Pocock, the Wallabies flanker who’s on a sabbatical to return to his native Zimbabwe, supports the motion.

He’s known for being an activist for equality.


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