Bone-crushing ladies on tiny wheels clash in Joburg

Bone-crushing ladies on tiny wheels clash in Joburg

Jammer for Golden City Rollers (GCR) Emilia Domagala (known as Bug Off) and blocker for Pan-African Rollers Rachel Allgaier (known as StingRay) face-off during the final. GCR spokesperson Delia du Toit (derby name Deeablo) explains her attraction to the sport: “I went to a game in 2014 and was just in awe of these women being complete bad-asses and I wanted to be one of them. I guess part of what attracted me to it is the empowerment aspect of it - going against everything a good Afrikaans girl is 'supposed' to be. Roller derby has taught me to stand up for myself and become stronger - both physically and emotionally.” Picture: Michel Bega

Joburg hosted the first-ever roller-derby tournament between African countries, with three teams showing what is possible when competitive speed-racing (on eight small wheels) and wrestling collide.

The first-ever roller derby tournament between two African countries took place in Johannesburg last weekend. Pitting north versus south, the Cairollers, from Cairo Egypt, rolled into the city to test their skills against Joburg’s Golden City Rollers and mixed-team the Pan-African Rollers. Cairollers is a league in Cairo made up of different teams. Different skaters were selected from the league to form a team to travel to South Africa for the event. Roller derby is a full-contact sport, played predominantly by women on roller skates. Injuries are common, yet the sport is an adrenaline-fuelled test of what is possible when...




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