Zulu Boy draws the battle lines in EFC62

Nkazimulo Zulu. Photo: UFC.com

Nkazimulo Zulu. Photo: UFC.com

It’s been two years since Nkazimulu Zulu has had a proper title fight due to a series of unfortunate events befalling him.

What better present can any fighter receive than winning a title on the night of their birthday?

Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) flyweight champion Nkazimulu Zulu will get that chance after almost two years due to a series of unfortunate events that have kept him out of the hexagon.

The man affectionately known as “Zulu Boy” was due to square up against the interim champ JP Buys at EFC57 in March when he was hit by a car.

Now the champ is fit and ready and at EFC62 at Carnival City on Saturday night he faces a different prospect in the form of undefeated Zimbabwean Sylvester “Gladiator” Chipfumbu.

Zulu is no stranger to rewriting the history books as he became the organisation’s first bantamweight champion at EFC27, the first flyweight champion at EFC43 as well as being the first EFC athlete to fight oversees in the highly-rated UFC reality series The Ultimate Fighter.

“I feel like a legend being the first EFC fighter to have two different belts, because nobody has done it before,” said Zulu Boy, who turns 29 on Saturday.

However, this will be his first title defence at flyweight after a string of injuries and competing abroad has kept him out of action.

Chipfumbu is chasing his own slice of history as he is bidding to become the first Zimbabwean to win an EFC title.

“Maybe it was not their destiny. This is my destiny. What I was born to do. I hope to pave the way for other fighters from my country. First it will be me (to win a title), then the rest will follow,” the softly-spoken Gladiator said when asked why he will do what no Zimbabwean has done before.

Both men are masters at the stand-up game and are very skilled kickboxers so expect a spectacular finish to this contest.




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