Trevor Cramer
Senior sports sub-editor
3 minute read
16 May 2021
7:32 am

National teams should not have to become desperate beggars

Trevor Cramer

With a potentially bigger Team SA heading for Tokyo, national federations like SAHA, and by association the players, will have to dip into their own pockets.

The SA men's hockey team were recently involved in a series against Namibia as they prepare for the Tokyo Games. Picture: Anton Geyser/Gallo Images

It is sad when a national team has to resort to crowd funding like desperate beggars just to represent their country, and they should feel understandably let down by their administrators who cry poverty. That the SA hockey teams have met all the Olympic qualifying criteria via continental and inter-continental routes is a small miracle in itself and testament to their enduring enthusiasm. Why specifically choose to hone in on hockey’s plight you must be asking, when there are a whole wad of other codes in the same predicament? Well, having covered the sport in the 90’s at all levels...