Sean van Staden
3 minute read
9 May 2021
7:19 am

Find the right gym for you and reach your fitness goals

Sean van Staden

If you decide to attend a gym session, make sure you arrive prepared with an open attitude and a list of questions.

Weightlifters like Belgian athlete Anna Vanbellinghen must do a tremendous amount of gym work to be competitive. Picture: Getty Images

We live in a world of Instagram bums, rocking six-packs and making sure you are dressed to the nines in the latest designer gear. But the very essence of a gym is for people to go to work on areas of their bodies in a physiological or cardiovascular manner. If people were perfect, then there would be no need for gyms. The problem lies in how you perceive yourself and the fear of people judging your wiggles, flabby arms or jiggly bum. It’s not vanity, but rather the fear of being judged or ostracised or, worse yet, intimidated. ALSO READ:...