Sean van Staden
4 minute read
2 May 2021
9:09 am

Skip gym before you abandon a nutritional lifestyle

Sean van Staden

Nutrition can improve the quality of your sports performance more than any gym workout or fitness session.

Sufficient nutrition is crucial to success on the field of play. Picture: Getty Images

  When it comes to nutritional information, there is more misleading information out there than that which is useful. Humans are flawed by nature. We seek quick fixes and don’t want to understand the importance of good nutrition. It is easier to go to the chemist and buy a fat-burner that doesn’t work than to eat less food. It’s easier to place two scoops of 'mega mass three million' in your shaker than to get to a gym each day and work out. Stop! Put down your phone. Google won’t find 'mega mass three million' because it doesn’t exist. Nutrition...