Rudolph Jacobs
Rugby journalist
2 minute read
10 Oct 2020
10:57 am

With the best of the best available, rugby’s domestic competition promises to thrill

Rudolph Jacobs

After two weekends of festival-type rugby, it's now time for the real deal and hopefully the new-look local competitions will deliver plenty of action.

Bulls captain Duane Vermeulen will for the first time in years play in a full-on domestic competition after previously playing in Europe or Japan at this time of the year. Picture: Getty Images

It's about time to roll back to the good times. It might be an over-used quote but definitely fitting to borrow the phrase with the “real” local competition having kicked off this weekend. Local rugby might have returned already two weeks ago, but one got the impression that was just to stretch the players legs and shake off the worst rust after being confined to a caged-in training programme during the seven months of lockdown. It was very evident from the Super Fan Saturday at Loftus that some teams came out more hungry and determined to prove a point and...