Ken Borland
Sports Journalist
5 minute read
10 Oct 2020
9:03 am

SA cricket is in crisis and sports minister Nathi Mthethwa isn’t really helping matters

Ken Borland

The most pressing issue is massive-scale misgovernance and the attempted capture of the sport and its money and prestige by a select few self-serving individuals.

Minister of sport, Nathi Mthethwa hasn't shown much leadership in the current cricket crisis, according to the writer. Picture: Getty Images

The meddling of politicians in sport seldom ends well, which South Africans should be acutely aware of after Apartheid’s awful segregation efforts and a lengthy list of sports ministers since democracy who have mostly been pretty inept when it comes to actually achieving anything worthwhile in their portfolio. I disagree, however, with those who say there is no need for a minister of sport. In terms of nation-building, we have already seen the huge role sport plays and it is something very dear to so many South Africans that there does need to be some sort of regulation and oversight...