Bruce Fordyce
5 minute read
21 Feb 2020
8:58 am

Comrades step-by-step: March is approaching … and now the hard work starts

Bruce Fordyce

Training tips from a legendary, nine-time winner.

Bruce Fordyce.

I really miss the old Pieter Korkie 56km. Named after the late, great Pieter Korkie, the race was the second oldest ultramarathon in South Africa and for many years was second in importance only to the Comrades Marathon. The list of past winners of the Korkie reads like the who's who of South African ultra-running. Sadly, the event no longer exists but in its day it was an absolute gem of a race. For Gauteng runners it was a vital stepping-stone on their journeys to Comrades. Run between Pretoria and Germiston, it was known as the "slow poison race" as...