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18 Dec 2017
8:00 am

2017 in review: Two times we mixed sport with politics

Sport Staff

In the spirit of the ANC's Nasrec conference being in full swing, we look back at two stories where the ruling party and sport intertwined.

Johan Ackermann (L) and Rudolf Straeuli maybe aren't presidential material but they know something about leadership. Photo: Sydney Seshibedi/Gallo Images.

With the ANC conference in full swing, we thought it might be appropriate to revisit two stories where he unashamedly tied in sport with politics.

Both of them were, at the time, very topical.

What the Lions can teach the ANC

Just before President Jacob Zuma acrimoniously fired Pravin Gordhan as finance minister, the Lions had announced that longstanding and successful coach Johan Ackermann would be moving on to English side Gloucester.

The regime change was smooth and vividly illustrated the clear leadership at the union.

If only the ruling party could take some notes…

The #Guptaleaks and cricket

The #Guptaleaks were, for wont of a better word, sensational.

And we couldn’t resist when it came to light that even cricket couldn’t escape the clutches of the Guptas.

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