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30 May 2017
12:34 pm

Twitter has a field day with Tiger Woods’ mugshot

Sport Staff

Golf's disgraced superstar wrote the wrong kind of headlines again after he was arrested for driving under the influence.

Just one of numerous pokes of fun at Tiger Woods. Photo: Twitter.

Given how he’s been tabloid fodder ever since his infidelity was exposed, Tiger Woods’ arrest for driving under the influence was bound to attract attention.

Golf’s former world No 1 was charged on Monday close to his home in Florida and later sent out an apology, stating no alcohol was involved.

Instead, Woods blamed the “unexpected reactions” from his prescribed medications.

Regardless, it didn’t stop Twitter from having a field day.

The tabloid New York Post set the ball rolling with a clever play on the lyrics of the famous song “Eye of the tiger”.

Some noted that there’s a resemblance between Tiger and a classic toy.

Others were sceptical over Tiger’s explanation that no alcohol was involved.

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And there was even an opportunity for a failing Australian club cricketer to sympathise … sort of.

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