Ceylan Yeginsu
7 minute read
21 Jun 2021
2:05 pm

Cruising out of lockdown on to the high seas

Ceylan Yeginsu

The check-in process started at home, through Celebrity’s app or website, which allowed cruise travellers to fill out all their paperwork

Cruise ship holiday. Picture: iStock

One by one, the passengers pulled down their masks and rejoiced as they cleared security and health screening to board the first cruise ship sailing out of North America since the pandemic was declared in March last year. One woman threw her bag on the floor and started shimmying to the Caribbean calypso beat playing in the welcome hall. Another triumphantly bumped fists with a crew member before giving him a hug, while an older man]stood still and gazed at the elated guests, his eyes welling up as he processed the reality of being back on a cruise, one of...