Jim Freeman
5 minute read
11 Jun 2021
9:24 am

Namaqua National Park without the flowers and crowds

Jim Freeman

If you know Skilpad and the Namaqua National Park, it’s probably because you went there in the spring season; you and about a million others

Namaqua National Park. Picture: Jim Freeman

Blessed be the road trippers in these times of Covid for they are the practitioners of social  distancing. Since I’ve always loved getting into a vehicle or hopping onto a motorbike and travelling long distances, preferably on my own, you could call me a champion of anti-social distancing. It isn’t so much that I don’t like people as I don’t like the noise and clutter they bring when they congregate in numbers. I’m not just talking about their mess but also the disharmony they bring, especially to nature. Think about it: how many times have you sat in a game-viewing...