Thami Kwazi
Lifestyle Print Editor
4 minute read
23 Apr 2021
9:07 am

Shoe queen: Mathapelo Pitse of J’adore D’amour luxury talks shoes

Thami Kwazi

'I, the founder and chief executive officer of the brand, design the shoes. I get inspiration from my everyday life.' - Mathapelo Pitse

Mathapelo Pitse of J’adore D’amour, Picture: Instagram

    Mathapelo Pitse, who is the founder and chief executive officer of J’adore D’amour, started her luxury e-commerce shoe brand in South Africa. While it hasn’t always been an easy journey, her high heel shoe designs are gaining traction and attention on social media. She has cultivated a 13-year track record in corporate and luxury retail. Pitse spoke to The Citizen about being in an industry that largely  imports shoes. Q: How old is the business? Our brand was established in 2017, it’s four years old. However, we recently went through a rebranding exercise which is currently doing well....