Hagen Engler
4 minute read
18 Apr 2021
11:08 am

Lushaba’s ‘Hitler’ lecture: 12 seconds of injustice

Hagen Engler

Lwazi Lushaba's argument is complex and nuanced. It is one I am only beginning to grasp after an hour of focused attention.

The University of Cape Town. Picture: iStock

  The recent outrage around comments by University of Cape Town (UCT) political studies lecturer Lwazi Lushaba had me ploughing through the entirety of the lecture in question. I owed this to myself in order to form a relevant opinion. It also had me pushing the very limits of my own attention span. This was a 55-minute long politics lecture. Delivered over Zoom. It is a piece of deeply academic discourse, delivered by an expert in his field, in the thorough, though ponderous way of academia. It is not a tweet, a clip, a gif, a boomerang, or a reel....