Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
17 Apr 2021
7:05 am

The art of bedding a woman

Carine Hartman

I’m sitting with a faded telegram and wonder how we ever found love without cellphones, WhatsApp, Tinder. Simple: extra effort. And no cellphones.

Picture: iStock

  The telegram reads: New Library upstairs 1605. Day after tomorrow, Wednesday. Before your 1700 shift. Please please please. If you feel half as miserable as me you feel terrible. Cliché forever – ABC. A fabulous love letter delivered in caps; white strips. I look at the faded orange envelope, delivered to my doorstep on the 12th floor of my flat a lifetime ago and for the life of me can’t remember if I made the rendezvous. I hope I did because he paid per word for that telegram. My little Aristotle with his grey hair and black frames ......