Sydney Majoko
3 minute read
16 Feb 2021
8:05 am

Jessie Duarte, you actually owe South Africa an apology

Sydney Majoko

The apology should be for all the times that her leadership and that of her ANC colleagues actually prevented individuals from obeying their consciences and stopping the looting that got us here in the first place.

ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte. Picture: Refilwe Modise

“I believe I owe you an apology,” says ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte to Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo after insinuating in an article that the evidence that was led at the Commission of Inquiry Into Allegations of State Capture was “an onslaught on the people” and that Zondo was allowing this onslaught because he works within the “narrow parameters of the existing laws”. Duarte apologises to Justice Zondo because she says “I have a deep respect for the work that you do". The apology to Zondo is a half-hearted one, like it was done as an afterthought. Most importantly...