Letshego Zulu
3 minute read
27 Jul 2020
2:02 pm

Create your own weights and dumbbells using household items

Letshego Zulu

I used water bottles to train, then – by chance – I discovered the gas cylinder.

Letshego Zulu. Picture: Instagram / letshego.zulu

It seems our commercial gyms are struggling to work around the Covid-19 restrictions. No one knows when the gyms will officially open, so we are essentially left to our own devices. Many of us have managed to survive over 100 days with online classes for yoga, dance, pilates, functional training and outdoor running, walking and cycling. These have managed to fill the gap for most of us who used to do these activities at the gym. Just a few days ago, I started missing the free weights section in the gym and I am sure there are lots of people...