Rorisang Kgosana
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2 minute read
2 Jun 2020
2:23 pm

Smokers’ march goes up in smoke

Rorisang Kgosana

Marchers, who were quickly dispersed by police due to the ban on public gatherings, complained about their rights being infringed upon, saying government has no right to tell them what they can put in their bodies.

Image: iStock

A planned march against the ban of tobacco products went up in smoke on Tuesday morning, after it was nipped in the bud by police before even starting. Smokers were planning to march on to the Union Buildings lawns in Pretoria to demand that the ban on tobacco products be lifted. But a heavy police contingent had been waiting outside the lawns in anticipation to halt the march. According to the public order policing officers, gatherings remain prohibited under level 3 lockdown regulations. “Gatherings are prohibited except for funerals and to go to work,” an officer was heard telling some...