Brian Sokutu
Senior Print Journalist
2 minute read
6 May 2020
6:25 am

Father, daughter give stranded South Africans a helping hand

Brian Sokutu

With their online-based campaign, #bringourfamilieshome, Stacey and Steyl have made it their business to offer help, from money to food parcels.

Megan Ridley and Chad Esterhuizen in Thailand. Picture: Supplied

Neal Stacey and daughter Chantal Steyl are modest people with big hearts – ready to reach out and take up the plight of South Africans stranded abroad during the global Covid-19 crisis. From Thailand to Cambodia, the impact of efforts by the South African philanthropic family has known no bounds in their crusade to reach out to South Africans stuck abroad during the pandemic. “We have all been put on this planet for a reason, to help others in need,” said Stacey. With their online-based campaign, #bringourfamilieshome, daily making a difference in the lives of those trapped in foreign countries...