We might die… but definitely not while sober

We might die… but definitely not while sober

A car guard helps pack the car of a last minute alcohol buyer at Makro in Edenvale, 26 March 2020.. Picture: Neil McCartney

South Africans braved the long queues and risk of exposure on Thursday, in a last-ditch attempt to stock up on enough booze to last them for 21 days, hoping that the the liquor would “cleanse us inside”.

With at least R3,500 worth of supplies, including two cartons of cigarettes, three little bags of marijuana, 48 cans of beer, and four 750 ml bottles of gin, Peter Ngwenya is confident that he will survive the 21-day Covid-19 lockdown. His biggest concern though is running out booze or that the lockdown could be extended without the nation being given a bit of a breather to stock up on banned supplies. “I understand (Police Minister) Bheki Cele’s reasoning that most people tend to be violent when they were drunk and that most road crashes were caused by drunken drivers. But...




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