Hayden Horner
4 minute read
26 Feb 2020
4:16 pm

Up in smoke – new vaping tax could shed jobs

Hayden Horner

Could new vaping tax hurt job creation in South Africa's fledgling e-cigarette industry?

Image: iStock

Many of us have seen the massive clouds emitted through car windows at traffic lights or gotten a face full of the sweet and sometimes nauseating artificial stench of a vape cloud, which vapers have no problem blowing your way because, well, “it’s not even smoke after all”. And with flavours such as honey-nut granola yogurt, fresh-picked berries, root beer and strawberry cotton candy, it’s no wonder that the popularity of smoking e-cigarettes (vaping) has grown in leaps and bounds since hitting South African shores well over a decade ago. First touted as the lesser of two evils, when it...