Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
4 Dec 2019
6:05 am

Govt must work with farmers on land reform – experts

Eric Naki

Similarly, the private sector must play a role in agricultural land reform and projects emanating from the process.

Pig farm. Image: iStock

Two experts say planning for increased urbanisation must be a key element in South Africa’s overall land policy. They also said the government must work with farmers to establish mentorship partnerships that will benefit land reform beneficiaries and be consistent in land reform funding. In a joint paper released by the Centre for Development and Enterprise, in which they critiqued the 2019 presidential advisory panel on land reform report, William Beinart and Peter Delius, emeritus professors at Oxford University and Wits University respectively, say the government must not undermine commercial agriculture. Instead it must work with the farmers, and form...