Sinesipho Schrieber
2 minute read
2 Dec 2019
6:30 am

JMPD’s top cop bites the bullet

Sinesipho Schrieber

At age 17, Manyama got on a train to the City of Gold with a prayer in his heart and a bag in his hands after he was retrenched from Ntabazimbi Mine in 1989.

ONOURED. Top JMPD Officer for 2019, Phineas Manyama. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

A poverty-stricken, single mother can raise a man of substance who can contribute to the community, says the Johannesburg Metro Police Department’s (JMPD) most celebrated officer for 2019, Superintendent Phineas Manyama. He started as a security guard at the traffic department in 1989 before it was the JMPD and is now a head of the JMPD’s most essential task team: the tackie squad. Manyama received a new VW Polo at a JMPD award ceremony in Johannesburg on Wednesday. Born and bred in a rural village in Limpopo, his mother was a farm worker. His father died when he was very young,...