Blow by blow: Madagascar vs Tanzania

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Madagascar take on Tanzania at the Moruleng Stadium in Rustenburg. Madagascar recorded a 2-1 victory over Lesotho on Monday. Tanzania lost 1-0 to Swaziland in their first match of the Cosafa Cup.

Starting XI

Madagascar: Njakanirina Tobisoa, Fenolahy Zenith, Andrianomenjanahary Francois, Rabeson Fetraniaina Michael (C), Raveloarisona Ardino, Razanakoto Dina, Sarivahy Vombola, Rakotoharimalala Martin, Randrianasolo Jean Dieu Donne (GK), Andriamanalina Lantoniaina, Randriamanjaka Rinho Michel

Tanzania: Agrey Ambros, Salim Mbonde, Oscar Joshua Fanuel, Erasto Nyoni, Said Juma, Salum Salum, Mwinyi Kazimoto, Mrisho Khalfani Ngasa, Juma Luizio, John Raphael Bocco (C), Deogratias Boniventura Munish (GK)

– the referee blows for full time, Madagascar records their second win on the tournament. Madagascar 2-0 Tanzania

90′ 4 minutes of added time will be played

88′ Bocco and Randrianasolo when both players go for the ball

83′ Madagascar on the attack. Corner kick to Madagascar

80′ corner kick to Tanzania

79′ Madagascar defending their lead at the moment

77′ Tanzania pushing numbers forward in search of a goal

74′ Madagascar defending in numbers to maintain their lead

72′ Tanzania on the attack in search of a third goal

69′ offside call goes against Tanzania

68′ goal kick to Madagascar

64′ Luizio’s shot at goal is wide

62′ free kick to Madagascar in the middle of the field

60′ Ambros working hard in defence to keep Madagascar from goal

59′ offside call goes against Tanzania

56′ Randrianasolo receives medical treatment after clashing with Bocco

54′ Munish makes a comfortable save

53′ Rinho Michel’s shot misses the goal post by inches. great effort from him

51′ throw in for Tanzania

49′ offside call goes against Tanzania

47′ Madacascar in search of a third goal, corner to thwm

46′ throw in for Madagascar

– kickoff the second half is underway

– the referee blows his whistle for half time. Madagascar 2-0 Tanzania

45′ 1 minute of added time will be played

43′ Madagascar move the ball around before they find an opening for a second goal.  Randriamanjaka Rinho Michel get the second goal for Madagascar. Madagascar 2-0 Tanzania

40′ Excellent save from Jean Dieu Donne to force a corner. Tanzania take the corner

39′ throw in for Tanzania

35′ Nyoni is booked for a dangerous tackle on Zenith

34′ Madagascar’s attempt at goal turns into an other corner

31′ corner kick to madagascar. Tanzania defend the corner

29′ Tanzania’s free kick shot is blocked by the human wall

28′ Bocco is offside. Superb combination play from Tanzania

26′ Tanzania win the ball back and push forward

25′ corner to Tanzania. Madagascar get the turn over ball and initiate a counter attack

23′ both teams trying hard to control the ball at the moment. It’s a 50/50 game with a few moment of brilliance in attack from both teams

20′ goal kick to Madagascar

19′ makes a comfortable save

18′ offside call goes against Tanzania

14′ Rakotoharimalala Martin completes a great build up by Madagasca and blasts the ball into the roof of the net. Madagascar 1-0 Tanzania

12′ throw in for Tanzania

9′ Donne leaves his goal line to clear the ball on the D line

5′ Vombola misses the goal net by inches from close range as his shot goes wide at goal

4′ the ball is played back to munish

3′ goal kick to Madagascar

2′ free kick to Madacascar in the middle of the field

1′ Madagascar with an early chance to score. Denied by Nyoni’s header

– Kickoff! The game is underway

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