5 tips to help you master Premier League Fantasy League

With the new season kicking off this Friday with a clash between Manchester United and Leicester City, the deadline for Fantasy Premier League players is rapidly approaching.

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For those still pining over their final team, Phakaathi gives you 5 tips on how to master the Fantasy Premier League!

1. Don’t think like a fan

People often select players based on their allegiance to a certain team, but fan loyalty can cloud your judgement. It can result in selecting players who you want to do well, rather than who will actually do well and score points.

2. Do your homework

You don’t have to spend hours each work working on your team, and why would you? Just take a brief look at fixtures and injury news.

3. Choose your captain wisely

You get double points for your captain, but need to choose him wisely. Of course, last season Salah proved to be a brilliant choice to make captain each week. Forwards who are registered as midfielders on the game can make excellent captains because they get extra points for a goal and clean sheet points. A player is also more likely to score big in a home fixture than away from home.

4. Select players who are certain starters

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s worth noting. You may think Marcus Rashford is a brilliant player, the future of Manchester United and England. But is he likely to play every week? Focus on players who are likely to start.

5. Pick a formation

Most Fantasy managers select a mid-price forward to play alongside two more expensive strikers in a 4-3-3 formation or a 3-4-3 formation. However, they would be better served choosing an extra cheap defender and to select just two forwards. There is more chance of a cheap defender getting a clean sheet than there is a cheap forward getting a goal.

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