Michaelson Gumede
2 minute read
23 Jul 2020
4:23 pm

Europeans are rubbing us up the wrong way

Michaelson Gumede

When you think of club football powerhouses and your mind does not immediately think of a European team, I and the rest of the football-loving disciples have the right to brand you as a plastic fan, meaning your football knowledge is fairly limited.

Anele Ngcongca has tragically passed away in a car accident. Pic: Lefty Shivambu/Gallo Images

Global giants like Bayern Munich of Germany, Real Madrid of Uefa Champions League royalty and perhaps the most popular club it the world Manchester United, have dominated world football for decades, giving Europe the status of being the footballing god’s fortress, as an overwhelming majority of the finest footballers ply their trade in Europe. The last five nations to claim the Fifa World Cup crown are all European. However, all of this godliness that European teams enjoy should not, even a single bit, make them feel like the rest of the world should bow down to them. Earlier this week...