Kaizer Motaung Jnr denies using cocaine

Motaung Jnr’s mother has also denied assaulting Kathrine’s friend and calling her a ‘white witch’.

Former Chiefs striker Kaizer Motaung Jnr has denied being a drug addict or using cocaine or any other prohibited narcotics, the Sunday Sun says he told them.

In an apology to the Motaung family, the tabloid states that Motaung Jnr also denied the reports that he was aggressive, violent and had committed an act of domestic violence against his wife, Kathrine Motaung.

The apology comes after reports that Kathrine placed a charge of abuse against him.

The paper had reported that he had appeared at the Sandburg Magistrates’ Court on charges of common assault on last Wednesday after a “heated argument” last month that allegedly ended with him pushing her, and she hit something before falling.

It seems the Motaungs’ marital problems are, however, far from over.

Last month, the Sunday World reported that Motaung Jnr had obtained an interim protection order against his wife after she allegedly physically abused him. Motaung, 35, reportedly told the South Gauteng High Court that his German-born wife violently pulled him by the collar of his shirt, poked him in the face and aggressively rubbed her breasts against his chest.

Katherine reportedly abused her husband in the presence of their domestic worker and later allegedly lied about the incidences, claiming Motaung was the one who had assaulted her. In the court papers seen by the Sunday paper, Kathrine had allegedly also abused Motaung’s mother, the wife of Kaizer Chiefs boss Kaizer Motaung Snr.

Motaung further claimed his wife spited him by “provocatively” changing TV channels when he watched soccer matches, distracting him from work – as he watches them to help him with his administration work at the family club.

The abuse allegedly got worse when Katherine invited her mother to the couple’s house without her husband’s permission. The mother reportedly filmed Motaung in his home with his wife’s cellphone, “invading his privacy”.


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