Angels support women and children by restoring dignity in darkest hour

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The Angel Network saw a feature on Carte Blanche about Rape Kits and decided to help, they collected funds for 2000 kits for women and children.

The Angel Network has once again inspired thousands with their efforts to make South Africa a better place. The charity spearheads several causes and has, on many occasions supplies thousands of essential items to people in need.

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Most recently the non-profit donated R240,000 for 2,000 Rape care packs for victims of Rape and Abuse. This donation came about after the recent exposé about rape kits on MNET’s Carte Blanche.

The exposé covered how there is a severe lack of rape kits present at police stations across the country. Many women and children are forced to sit for hours, waiting for kits to be found. The Angel Network and Penny Stein joined forces to create care packs for these victims.

“We were adamant at The Angel Network to help in any way we could. Sadly with the medical protocol involved, we were led to endless dead ends.

Despite the medical protocol that prevents us from doing more, we have together with Penny Stein – who has been instrumental in fighting this insurmountable cause – donated 2,000 RAPE CARE PACKS to clinics, drop-in centres, police stations & a bunch of very hard-working credible NGOs, who tirelessly work in this dark space daily.”

“Our commitment to these RAPE CARE PACKS will be ongoing and we will be there to assist for as long as it takes. Individually, we cannot address the enormity of this problem, but collectively we can offer the victims of rape and abuse a moment of dignity.”

The care packs include a few comforts like a toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, a face cloth, tissues, deodorant (women and men options), mouthwash, a comb, sanitary pads (for women), underwear, sweets, apple juice and a personal note. There are three kinds of packs, a child one, a women one and men one. Kits work out to around R120.00 each.

They are asking people to assist them in doubling their efforts and collecting a further 2000 care packs.

“The statistics of rapes in our country are staggering. It’s time we stand up and do something to assist those in this life-shattering crisis, we owe it to ourselves to do the right thing. While we would like to do so much more, we are urging our community members to assist us in this appeal, as we fight to get more heavily involved.”

If you would like to support the non-profit in helping rape victims, you can find out more on their website here. You can also watch the Carte Blanche exposé below.

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