Signature of Hope Trust just raised almost R1m for child burn victims

Burn victims saved by this generous donation

Cape Town, South Africa – Cape Town’s most talked-about charitable social event of the year culminated today with the handing over of nearly R1-million to two exceptional and deserving charities, the Avela Foundation and the Smile Foundation, who in turn will use the funds to refurbish the Burn Unit at the Kimberley Hospital.

The funds were raised by the city’s social elite at the inaugural Signature of Hope Gala Dinner, a glittering event that earned its place at the top of Cape Town’s social calendar as the most sought-after black-tie invite.

Signature of Hope Trustees, Mike Fannin, Bryan Austen and Rashay Makan handed over a cheque totalling R853 942.28 to Hedley Lewis, CEO of the Smile Foundation, and Cami Palomo, Founder of the Avela Foundation. The handing over of the cheque took place at the premises of Cape Town wealth management firm Carrick Wealth, which backs and supports the Trust.

“The focus of Signature of Hope Trust is to raise funds to make a real and sustainable difference in people’s lives,” says Craig Featherby, Chairman of the Signature of Hope Trust. “I can’t think of a more deserving cause than to help children whose lives have been disrupted by horrific injuries. We are honoured to have been able to play a small role to help the Smile Foundation, the Avela Foundation and the Kimberley Hospital Burn Unit in doing this.”

The Smile Foundation is a South African non-governmental organisation that works with the country’s academic hospitals to provide corrective facial reconstructive surgery and treatments for children living with facial conditions, literally putting a smile back onto their faces. The Avela Foundation, also a non-profit organisation, is committed to helping children with burn injuries on their road to physical and psychological recovery.

Together the two foundations will use the funds for the complete refurbishment and expansion of the Burn Unit at the Kimberley Hospital in the Northern Cape which plays a big role in some of the work done by these foundations. The Kimberley Hospital Burn Unit started in 2005, is the only facility within the vast Northern Cape Province to offer this very specialised service.

More than 8,000 people with serious burn injuries are admitted to South Africa’s 17 mostly inadequately equipped burn units each year. South Africa has a high rate of childhood burns, with as many as 1,300 burn-related deaths each year. Now the funds raised at the Signature of Hope Gala Dinner will make a big difference at least at one such a burn unit.

The Signature of Hope Trust envisioned the annual gala dinner as a way in which Cape Town’s wealthy elite can give back to society. For the inaugural event, the crème de la crème of Cape Town gathered on the Day of Reconciliation at celebrity chef Luke Dale Roberts’ exclusive signature restaurant, The Test Kitchen. The event proved to be a dazzling celebration of the arts, culinary excellence and mesmerising entertainment, with funds raised through several auctions and raffles.

While those who attended this fun event still talk about it, it will be the children who will benefit from the funds they raised that will be the event’s most lasting legacy.

Sources: Carrick | Signature of Hope Trust 

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