Zulu mom in America finds out why her son was late after school and video goes viral


She is not happy with him.

Ziyanda Nombuso, a Zulu mom in Utah in the USA almost broke the internet with the video of her son and a new friend.

Ziyanda walked around looking for her son, Siyamthanda, in the afternoon after school because he was late. She decided to film the hunt for her son and  Ziyanda finally found Siyamthanda walking around with his new friend. Without realizing that his mom is behind him, he kept walking and chatting up a storm.

The new friend finally saw Ziyanda walking behind him, then Siyamthanda saw her, and he nearly had a heart attack.


He instantly realized that he wasn’t supposed to be walking around so late with a girl, who is also roaming around far from home.

Ziyanda and Siyamthanda had an endless back and forth regarding why he was late and all this whilst the new friend is standing there in utter confusion, with no idea of what is happening.

She was commended for the way her son proudly spoke Zulu, and also disciplining her son.

Ziyanda kept switching from isiZulu to English, and the transition was hilarious as her command of English sounded nothing like the woman speaking Zulu with her child.

Twitter gave her kudos for the way she is disciplining her child and making Siyamthanda know the difference between right and wrong but she was also criticized for the fear in Siyamthanda’s eyes and voice when he was speaking to his mom.

People assumed that she is abusing her child, but she shared videos that showed that she and Siyamthanda have a very good relationship.

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