WATCH: Household lessons every mom should give to her family

Teaching the family basic household tasks. Picture: Facebook

Watch as this family pretends to have no idea what a shoe basket is for.

A lot of times moms would assume that their family is being untidy on purpose when in actual fact they have no idea how to be tidy.

This is why food blogger Amy of Belly Full Blog thought it might be a good idea to get her family on a cleaning course.

She took her husband Paul, her daughter Amy and her son Trevor through a day of learning how to clean up the sink, the bathroom, and what to do with shoes that are lying around.

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Viewers are amused as the family pretends to have no idea that towels are not meant to be left on the floor after a shower.

After a few days, the family takes a test and seems to not remember a single thing they learned.

Blogger and entrepreneur Olwethu Leshabane reenacted the video, giving her 3 Leshabane lessons cleaning lessons, and they exclaim “aaahh” after each lesson.

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