WATCH: Woman finds out she is having twins and her reaction is hilarious


“How do they even come out at the same time?” is a valid question from a woman that just found out she is having twins.

For moms with multiples, there is always that one prenatal visit that changes their lives forever. Finding out you are having more than one baby must be a jaw-dropping experience.

Parents with singles would not know how that experience is, until this video.

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Here, a woman finds out she is having twins and the video quickly gains traction after Australia’s leading news site shared it on their Facebook page.

Her first reaction as the doctor makes the announcement will have you chuckling as she exclaims “I’m sorry, what?”, like she did not just hear her doctor gasp and say “you have twins”.

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She even quickly turns into a subject matter expert as she tries to educate her doctor on how multiples form.

The video quickly received thousands of comments from moms who resonated with the video because they were equally shocked when they found out they are having multiples.

Watch the full video here:

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