WATCH: The things toddler parents scream about the whole day


This is a must-watch video to remind toddler parents they are not alone, while getting a nice laugh.

“More things parents of toddlers say every day” is the opening statement of the below skit. That statement alone is bound to arouse some emotions in toddler parents.

A toddler is regarded as a child ranging between the ages of one and three years. Some describe it to include four-year-olds. This is an interesting stage for both children and parents (mostly parents). Here, children are getting more mobile and increasingly more curious. They touch and lick/eat everything, including no-touch/eat items like toilet bowl water.

This experience sees parents shouting out “don’t do that” commands to things one would think humans would never attempt to do, like “stop eating the dog food”.

The rest includes the repetitive requests for them get dressed, stop jumping, stop making a mess, etc.

The occasional “I can’t do this” outburst is also a big part of this extreme sport – toddler parenting.

Watch the full video below:

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