13-year-old girl gives birth and her 10-year-old boyfriend claims to be the father


Experts claim that it is impossible for the boy to be the father, but he says otherwise.

Pregnancy news of 13-year-old Dasha rocked Russia earlier this year. Darya and her 10-year-old boyfriend Ivan made news when they appeared, with parental consent, on a national TV show.

The show was documenting Dasha’s pregnancy, adding her claim that Ivan is the father of her baby. She has been documenting her pregnancy on her Instagram account with over 150,000 followers.

Now, Darya gave birth to her baby on 16 August, and Ivan is taking responsibility as the father of the baby.

In July, Darya shared an Instagram status on behalf of Ivan, stating: “I do not think that we will soon part, and even if we part, I will still visit the child.”

He added: “After Dasha’s pregnancy, we became much closer. We sleep together, and our parents are even now friends.”

In a Daily Mail report, Dr Evgeny Grekov, a urology and andrology expert, denied that Ivan could be the father as his sperm is not mature enough.

However, a psychological expert added that Dasha has never had any other sexual partner.

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