Women welcomes triplets after battling with childlessness for 20 years


This is a story of hope for couples battling with infertility.

A woman identified as Esther Michael on Tuko shared on her Facebook account the joy that has been brought to her life after the birth of her triplets. 

Esther battled to have children for 20 years but never lost faith and hope. 

“20 years of childlessness, God wiped our tears away with triplets. What God cannot do does not exist. For you all trusting God. For one thing or the other, He will answer us.”

Esther shared this on her Facebook page. 

Millions of couples battle with infertility, and it is always a sincere prayer for them to fall pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby, let alone three. 

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According to Dr Kingsley Agholor, Consultant Gynecologist at the Central Hospital, Warri, Nigeria, couples that struggle to conceive in Nigeria have the added burden of being unable to access proper medical assistance.

Couples who cannot conceive often experience emotional and psychological trauma,” Dr Agholor adds. This burden is mostly carried by the woman, who is more likely to be blamed for infertility. 

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Esther’s tears and happiness is, therefore, warranted after battling for 20 years. 

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