For DJ Sabby, fatherhood is a superpower

DJ Sabby

Lockdown parenting has not been easy for DJ Sabby, but the lessons have been worth it.

Two-time award-nominated drive-by radio DJ, DJ Sabby, has shared the beauty and joy of being a father. When he is not keeping YFM listeners entertained weekdays from 3-7pm, Mini Sabby is the boss of the house telling him to wake up.

Being a dad is… having superpowers. I make things happen. 

The last time I laughed because of my kid was when… he came to my room and opened the curtains. He quietly uttered the words: “It’s morning dada. Wake up.”  I laughed so hard under my sheets because I knew he was right but I wasn’t ready to wake up.

The last time I cried was when my child… It was tears of joy but at the same time we understood his pain. Since we are working from home and his mom broadcasts from the house, we are trying to keep the noise levels down when she is on air.  We decided to move him to his grandmother’s house during the week and he comes home on weekends. One day he called us and said that he misses home and wanted to come back. We dropped everything we were doing and picked him up. It was a moment for us. He knew he could trust us.

My advice to other dads would be…make time for your child/children. Your presence is worth more than money.

My favourite part about being a dad is… It’s a weird question to answer. The whole journey is fairly new to me and I’m learning every day. But I genuinely enjoy the idea that there is someone out there who truly looks forward to seeing me and being with me. My presence is enough for them. I love that.

The biggest challenge is… staying off my phone when I’m with him. After 30 minutes or 45 minutes, I find myself checking emails or replying to WhatsApp messages. I truly need to do better.

My biggest dad guilt is when… I sometimes say NO to stuff and I tell him to “stop it.” A few seconds later, upon reflection, I realise I’m just being a party pooper. My little dude is having fun and the noise is what is annoying me. I’m unlearning that.

My success as a parent is measured by… how many memories we can create together. His ability to know he can trust me with anything happening in his life. Anything he decides to do and become I will always back him up. I just want him to trust me and understand that I’m his extra spine.

The most important affirmation I say to my child is... I have this trust building exercise that I do with him. I put him on the table or a high spot and I open my arms down below and ask him to jump. I want him to learn how to jump and trust that his landing will be different,  always, but he must trust himself. I’m there to catch him. Once he learns how to trust himself he will learn how to land even without me being there to catch him.

The most important behaviour/attitude I mirror for my child.. that he is the best thing ever. PERIOD!

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