South Africa Mommy Blogger Aisha O’Reily gets real about postpartum bodies

Aish O'Reily-Instagram

This is an important message for new moms everywhere to help them appreciate their post-birth bodies more.

Like a lot of moms, blogger Aisha O’Reily received comments about how big her tummy was after giving birth to her second baby, Kenzo. She announced the birth of her second boy one week ago.

Because this is her second rodeo, she was expecting the comments about her body but was much more confident than she was the first time around. If she heard this during her first motherhood journey, Aisha shares: “I probably would’ve broken down in tears, analysing and chastising my body even more than I was doing already.”

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Not this time around.

Now, she fully understands her body’s ability to go back to “normal” in its own time.

“It’s not realistic for my womb to magically deflate after growing a whole human” Aisha passionately shares.

She continues to add that woman’s bodies need to be celebrated during and post-birth, in all its beauty, even when all people see are flaws.

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