Combined Matric exams: Here is the final timetable

Twitter- Dr Reginald Mhlaule

The class on 2020 will be sitting down for examinations from 5 November 2020.

The department of basic education has officially released the final combined Matric exam timetable.

Exams will commence on 5 November and conclude on 15 December 2020. This examination cycle includes both the May/June and the October/November examinations. Anyone that registered to write exams in any of these dates will be allowed to sit for these exams, which is about 1.1 million candidates.

The exams will kick-off with English Fist Additional Language and close off with Visual Arts and Agricultural Management.

Exams have been pushed by the department to allow teachers and students to prepare accordingly, thus having “ample time” to catch up on lost classroom time and content.

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