Parenty staff writer
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7 Aug 2020
9:30 am

Study shows Covid-19 patients on contraceptives at high risk of developing blood clots

Parenty staff writer

Blood clots can develop in previously healthy people, causing a stroke or heart attack.


Combined contraceptives with oestrogen are used for birth control or hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This means that these people are at higher risk of developing blood clots if they contract Covid-19.

“Researchers explained that contraceptive pills contain oestrogen which can narrow blood vessels,” the article shares.

Pregnant women on HRT are, therefore, also at risk.

Dr Daniel Spratt, the co-author of the study, explains that additional research is still required to determine whether oestrogen needs to be discontinued in women taking it for whatever reason.

The clots may start on the legs, then move up and cause a stroke or a heart attack.

Sylvia LeRoy, the nurse who contracted Covid-19 when she was 30-weeks pregnant soon went into cardiac arrest. She received an emergency c-section and her baby Esther was born prematurely.

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It is unclear what caused her cardiac arrest as she was recovering from Covid-19 at the time it occurred.

Dr Spratt adds that these deadly blood clots can develop even in previously healthy people.

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