First-time dad shares the sadness of missing out on his daughter’s birth due to Covid-19


“I missed her birth by 4 minutes”.

Clinton, like any other father, was excited when he heard the news of his and Karen’s pregnancy. 2020 would bring a new life into their lives. Little did they know that their daughter Mikayla would be born during a global pandemic.

The declaration of Covid-19 as a pandemic changed the protocols of hospitals everywhere and this has also adjusted how maternity wards are managed.

During her antenatal visits, Karen was informed by her doctor that Clinton would not be allowed in the room with her during the birth. Only Karen was told this because Clinton was not allowed in any of the doctor’s visits.

“I missed out on all those special times – seeing our baby grow and develop at each appointment,” Clinton shares.

On admission, Clinton was not allowed past the hospital door. Karen was admitted early due to high blood pressure, and her labour was induced. All this happened in Clinton’s absence. “I was told I would only be called to be with Karen once she was in active labour” says Clinton. One never knows how long the labour would be when induction happens, so it was a waiting game for Clinton.

Karen’s labour progressed very quickly, and Clinton was called in as promised but missed the labour by 4 minutes. He was, however, able to hold baby Mikayla as soon as she was born.

As a first time dad, Clinton is saddened by the fact that he missed the entire experience of being by Karen’s side throughout the pregnancy and during the birth. Karen had to go through the birthing experience without him and her other family members.

It is also frustrating for Clinton that he will be liable to pay for the mandatory Covid-19 tests as medical aid does not cover this.

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