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7 Jul 2020
9:00 am

This is how you can prepare for the arrival of twins

All 4 Women

How much is too much when shopping for twins?


Most people advise that you start shopping in your second trimester – this is after all when you will feel most excited about it (and still have the energy shop).

You may also be lucky enough to know the sex of your babies so you can start working on a colour scheme for the nursery.

With the vast selection of cots, compactums, chairs etc these days, you can’t rush these purchases. It could take a couple of visits to the store before you decide. Make sure you measure the room properly before making any big purchases. Take the same tape measure you used with you to the store so that you can measure the cot and compactums in the store yourself before buying them.

Once the essential nursery items are bought, you can start on other baby needs. But buying for two or three is expensive and the budget can get blown quickly.

There is good news though: you don’t need to buy two of everything

Non-negotiable doubles

Infant car seats – hospitals won’t allow you to leave unless you have one for each baby. Its for the safety of your babies and its the law of the road.

Cots – initially they can share, but when the wriggling starts they are going to sleep better in their own cots.

Feeding chairs – both babies need to be strapped in, and since you want them on on a routine they should be eating at the same time

Double bonuses

Play mats or bouncy chairs – some form of entertainment is needed and it’s probably better to have two different ones so that you can swop them around when they start getting board

Soothers – there is nothing wrong with being a dummy plugger when they are screaming, it’s advisable to have at least three to four per baby in case of lost or dirty dummies

Bottles – 10-16 bottles per baby are recommended. It seems like a lot, but when the day catches up with you it’s good to know there is clean one floating around somewhere

Bottle warmer – unfortunately they only warm one bottle at a time so buying two is going to make life easier. They are great value for money because they warm bottles and jars of Purity.

One is enough (but not for long )

Pram or stroller – you only need one, so make make sure it fits through doorways and into the boot of your car before buying it.

Breast feeding cushion – only one here because you can rest both babies on the cushion and feed at the same time.

Breast pump – if you plan to express milk, you will only need one of these. Go for the double electric pump. It’s an arduous task and anything to make it easier is worth it

Nappy bag – this should be big enough to fit all the gear, but if packed correctly you won’t need a gigantic bag, nor will you need more than one.

These are some of the essentials and non-negotiables. Baby stores are overwhelming and as new parents we want to get everything. Wait until your baby shower is over, then start on the smaller items.

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