Is Mbali Enhle’s 100k demand reasonable? How much does it really cost to raise a child in SA?

With the jet-set lifestyle her family has had, she is definitely used to more than the average middle class mom

Parents will tell you that having children is one of the most beautiful, yet equally challenging journeys you’ll ever go on.

One of the challenges is the fact that kids are hard on your pocket. The issue of how much is enough for child maintenance had been put into the spotlight by the divorce of superstar DJ Black Coffee from his actress wife Mbali Mlotshwa.

In a Sunday Sun report, Mlotswha is said to be asking for monthly maintenance of R100,000, combined with child support. Some have come out saying this is too much.

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But how much does it take to raise a child these days? Here’s a rough estimate:


One of the biggest costs for parents is the school fees for a Private School. According to a 2019 report by Old Mutual, this is how much private schooling in SA was going for last year:

Primary school annually R92 400 = R7700 per month

High school: R148 300 = R12 358 per month

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Monthly household requirements

Expatistan, which compares the cost of living in different cities puts the monthly cost of a family of four in Johannesburg at R 36,886. This amount includes food, housing, clothes, transportation, personal care, and entertainment. 

Medical costs

Unfortunately, South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world and also has private and public medical care. An average middle-class family has medical aid to gain access to private health care.

“Top-of-the-range comprehensive plans can cost in excess of R4000 per month,” says Andi Tooke, head of marketing at independent financial consultancy firm LifeCheq.

Considering all the above costs, the total cost of an average household with two kids equals approximately R 60 944.

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