ECD centres and creche reopening: This is what we know so far

One of SANParks' employees along the Garden Route helps to paint structures at a creche in White Location, Knysna, 17 July 2018. Picture: Supplied by SANParks

With the opening date still in limbo, this is what we know about what the new normal will be like when they do eventually open.

As parents wait to get confirmation and clarity from the department of education on exactly if and when ECDs centres will open, the department has in the meantime shared guidelines for what Covid-19 safety regulations the ECDs will have to adhere to when they eventually do open.

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This is what we know so far:

This week, the department released a circular that contains all the regulations that the ECDs will have to adhere to.

Parents will have a choice to send their kids back or not. They will be informed of this in writing by the centre. 

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“Every parent, who returns a child to an early childhood development programme and/or partial care facility, shall be informed in writing that the return of a child to an early childhood development programme and/or partial care facility is voluntary and the sole decision of that parent or legal guardian,” says the circular.

ECD staff will have to report to centres five days before the opening date to get ECD sites ready. They will all receive training with regards to Covid-19 health safety requirements. The ECD staff will also receive full orientation, with regards to the pre-cleaning measures.

They will then have to establish a daily protocol for daily hygiene and cleaning to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 infection at the creches.

One of the safety regulations will be the daily screening of children for Covid-19 symptoms.

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